Create Detailed Construction Estimates in Minutes

Do you want to learn how to create accurate, detailed construction estimates in less than five minutes. If so, watch this video. Chances are you're taking too long to do your estimates right now. Estimating shouldn't be complicated or time consuming. With the right tool (like Estimating System) it's fairly simple. The estimate below was made in minutes by pulling line items into an estimate form. Take a good look at this estmate because this is what your customers want to see. This actual estimate was prepared in minutes using Estimating System. Then it was "flipped out" to Microsoft Word. Becuase it's MS Word it can be printed, saved, and emailed. An estimator with zero computer skills can work Estimating System just fine. If you had Estimating System you'd have estimates like this email awaiting signature. Estimating is the same no matter what industry you're in. It should be done in minutes, not hours or days.

If You're Taking Too Long On An Estimate, You're Sending The Wrong Message!

When a client asks for an estimate, they need it now. They're ready to go! In this economy you can't take days on an estimate, no matter what it is! If you're taking days to get the estimate out you're missing work and sending the wrong message. How you handle the estimate speaks volumes. Do yourself a favor and signup for Estimating System. Create estimates in seconds, not days. When your client has an accurate, detailed, MS Word estimate in hand less than 30 minutes from hanging up the phone, they will know you mean business. Here's the best part: 25 of the 30 minutes you'll be kicking back because the estimate only takes five minutes!

Successful businesses get estimates out early - not on time - early! When you're late with an estimate, it says you don't care. Your prospect will wonder if you have problems getting an estimate done, what will happen to job deadlines? They cannot proceed with a vendor that starts out late. If you want to be close big jobs, you must have accurate, complete estimates in-hand before everyone else. If you can do that, you'll close more business guaranteed!

I just created a detailed estimate, emailed it to the client, and got approval to start work.

Estimating System takes care of estimating for you. It MAKES SURE your estimates are done on time. All you have to do is load your assets into the system ONE TIME and use them over and over. Watch the video above. To create an estimate all you have to do is pull down assets (labor, equipment, rental, or materials) and add hours to them. Then you click Create Estimate and you're done. It's simple, quick, and accurate.

Estimating System loads your numbers into Microsoft Word. From there you can save, modify it, print it, email it, or all four. It's a super simple system that produces detailed estimates that you can email immediately. Imagine how impressed your clients will be when they get a MS Word, accurate, detailed estimate within an hour of hanging up the phone.

Don't waste precious hours sweating over estimates. It's not necessary once you have Estimating System. Get your numbers down on paper in an industry standard format that everyone understands. Get the job and start work. Keep dozens of acitve estimates in the field at all times. Don't keep a backlog of estimates that you have to get to. Do them as they come up - quickly and easily. The amazing thing is your estimates will be more accurate and look better than the estimates you spent hours on before. You'll produce twenty estimates in less time than it took to do one.

Close more jobs. Get Estimating System and get moving.